Clear Liquid

  • Coffee or Tea – sugar is allowed but no milk or cream products
  • Any kind of iced tea
  • Sports drinks – green or yellow only! no red, orange, blue, or purple
  • Juices – apple, white grape, white cranberry, anything that is clear
  • Soda – any type including Coke or Pepsi that isn’t purple, red, blue, or orange
  • Beef or Chicken broth – no noodles, meat, or vegetables
  • Jell-O – any kind, except for red, orange, blue, or purple
  • Italian Ice/ popsicles – no red, orange, blue, or purple

No dairy products or solid foods allowed. Again, stay away from anything with red, purple, orange or blue. If you have any questions, please call our office at 717-531-1318.