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It is impossible to undergo a thorough endoscopic exam without proper preparation. There are several preparations listed on this website. When you are scheduled for your procedure, the nurse will review the appropriate preparation information with you. She will then mail your instructions to your home.

It is very important that you review this information several days prior to your scheduled appointment and follow the instructions carefully. Failure to follow the preparation instructions can result in an incomplete examination and require rescheduling.

Notice to Patients:
We have found that patients are less likely to have acid reflux during anesthesia when they take a stomach acid reducer prior to their procedure. This reduces the amount of stomach acid present when the procedure is performed.
We recommend each patient take one 20mg Pepcid or generic (famotidine) tablet with a small sip of water one and one-half hours prior to arriving at the center for your procedure. This is only a recommendation and is not a requirement. You will be able to purchase this medication at any pharmacy and it does not require a prescription.
If you are already taking and or have any other acid reducer medication, you may take that instead of the Pepcid.

If you have any questions about your instructions, please contact our nurses. They will be happy to review the information with you.