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Sutab Instructions

CAUTION: If you are ALLERGIC TO SULFATE, have a history of GOUT, HIGH URIC ACID, SEIZURES, OR ANY KIDNEY CONDITION, contact our office before using this prep.

Only follow these instructions, NOT the instructions on the box.

DAY BEFORE COLONOSCOPY: You may only have CLEAR LIQUIDS today such as water, apple juice, white cranberry juice, soda, lime or lemon Jello, bouillon, coffee or tea (you may have sugar or sugar substitutes, but no milk), popsicles or flavor ices. Clear or lemon lime Gatorade is helpful in keeping your body fluids balanced during the bowel cleansing. Hydration is important on this day. NO SOLID FOODS, MILK, OR MILK PRODUCTS, AVOID RED OR PURPLE DYES.

DAY BEFORE EXAM AT AROUND 5:00 PM TAKE DOSE #1: Open 1 bottle of 12 tablets. Fill the provided container with 16 ounces of water (up to the fill-line). Swallow each tablet with a sip of water, and drink the entire amount of water over 15 to 20 minutes. If you experience preparation-related symptoms such as, nausea, bloating, or cramping, pause or slow the rate of drinking the additional water until symptoms diminish. ONE HOUR AFTER the last tablet is ingested, fill the container again with 16 ounces of water and drink the entire amount over the next 30 minutes. 30- MINUTES AFTER finishing the second container of water, repeat the same process again by drinking an additional 16 ounces of water over the next 30 minutes. You should have consumed 48 ounces of water by this point. You should continue to consume clear liquids the rest of the evening. Hydration is important.

5-6 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR ARRIVAL TIME: Open the second bottle of 12 pills and repeat the process from the night before taking the remaining 12 pills with sips of water using the same process as last evening. Make sure you consume the entire 48 ounces of water again at the appropriate time intervals. Time your second dose to give yourself enough time to get everything completed prior to 4 hours before your arrival time. Drink nothing after this. (4-hours prior to your arrival time) or your test may be cancelled.**If you are diabetic, measure your blood sugar prior to coming in and bring your meter with you.**

The better these instructions are followed, the better the prep works. The quality of the bowel prep dictates how well your physician is able to do your procedure and find polyps to prevent cancer. This is the most important way to help you get a quality exam. Please do not use alcohol, marijuana, CBD products, or any recreational drugs 24 hours prior to your procedure, or it will be cancelled. Additionally, no hard candy, mints, gum, smoking/vaping, or anything by mouth 4 hours prior to your arrival time or your procedure may also be cancelled. All body piercings will need to be removed prior to the procedure.

Call us with questions at 717.531.1318. After hours call 717-531-1318 opt. 1. If you do not receive a return all within 1 hour and it is an emergency, please call 717-531-8521 and ask for the GI attending physician on-call to be paged.